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I have been working on a project for some time, and today I'm publishing it. It's called FortniteStats, and it gives you the chance to check the stats for a player in Fortnite.

At the moment, it's only available at a Discord bot, which you can make join your server by clicking here

Also, you can join the discord server to check all the news and report bugs by clicking here

The API usage will soon be provided along with the website.

I'm back!

Hi! It has been a long time since I last write here. I write just to let you know that I'm back and I'll start some new projects that I have in mind. Some are private and others public.

Full redesign

The web has been redesigned. Now is modern and clear and it displays the time of load. Also you have a button to follow me on Twitter!

Domain change (again)

The domain has been definitely changed to lllibailll.net

Domain change

The domain has been changed from lllibailll.es to lllibailll.xyz until I fix some problems.

New web!

As you might noticed, the web has changed radically. I'm creating a new one, so you'll have to wait in order to see it!

If you want the code of this site, you can found it in my GitHub.

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